There is just something fulfilling with men when

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There is just something fulfilling with men when

Look how big football stadiums are compared to baseball stadiums or basketball arenas. There is just something fulfilling with men when they can talk, yell, laugh, and offer an opinion without judgment. I am not talking necessarily about judgment from their wives, but from their boss, co workers and others that put them down..

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Was a big storm, so no helicopters could fly and it was just the craziest night, says Hosking. Had four codes in a row back to back, no joke. It reinforced in me just how important trauma work is. My wife and I always volunteered to come down during the state fair to help with anything that we could. We loved the fair. One day I was supposed to be working the gate over here, and that was when this was built.

Stylist Vikram Sethi agrees that many celebs are happily ditching their stay at home wardrobe and opting for elaborate styles even during the lockdown. Part is that it also inspires others to do the same. In fact, many people have reached out to me for tips on upping their wardrobe game amid the lockdown, he shares..

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