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Mars™ Frameless Slim LED Lightbox Graphic Only

Fabric graphic printing for Mars™ Frameless Slim LED Lightbox.



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Download the template(s) listed below and use Adobe Illustrator for graphic layout. Graphic design service is available. Please send your reqest to for assistance.

Mars™  Frameless Slim LED Lightbox 16″*20″ Printing Template(TX030S03SP Template

Mars™  Frameless Slim LED Lightbox 22″*28″ Printing Template(TX030S02SP Template

Mars™  Frameless Slim LED Lightbox 24″*36″ Printing Template(TX030S01SP Template

Mars™  Frameless Slim LED Lightbox 30″*40″ Printing Template(TX030S04SP Template

Fabric graphic printing for Mars™ Frameless Slim LED Lightbox.

LED light boxes having vibrant graphics are an effective way of attracting attention to advertising and promotions in a car showroom and retail environments. Being known as the supplier of high-quality frameless lightbox, Display Choice has an extensive range of LED display lightboxes to suit any budget and specification.

At Display Choice, we ensure that our LED lightboxes illuminate your graphic image with the most even and bright light distribution possible, creating powerful promotional displays by bringing your graphics to life.

All the illuminated displays, sign lightboxes, and display lightboxes offered are fabricated from the highest grade PVC, acrylic, and/or aluminum, utilizing a branded lighting and electrical components to produce quality illuminated signs and displays.

The preference of your lightbox could be for a cost-effective and traditional backlit sign box or a more sleek and modern-looking ultra-thin LED lightbox. Every poster lightbox can be used for indoor displays like a retail point of sale.

Display Choice is a major supplier of various large format printing options for lightboxes. The graphic design may be undertaken by our in-house graphic design team!

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  • Product Dimensions: 16″*20″; 22″*28″; 24″*36″; 30″*40″
  • Weight: <1 lb



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