Snap Frame LED Lightbox

The backlit display offers a bright and even light distribution. Slim and sleek profiles used in the Snap Frame LED Lightbox is both modern and classy. The tiny LEDs within illuminates any translucent graphics creating a stunning visual display.

With the “snap-open” border on the frame, this duratrans lightbox is impressively functional; Graphics can be replaced effortlessly without dismantling the lightbox.

A cost-effective, economical LED lightbox designed with a front opening silver snap frame is a modern and stylish way to display posters around your business. The backlit LED illumination will make your offer, promotion, and message really stand out to help entice customers. It’s a new, stunning LED lightbox and is perfect for menu displays, showrooms, retail advertising, and illuminated wall mounted poster displays.

At Display Choice, we offer illuminated snap frame poster lightbox at a reasonable price in a variety of sizes. The running costs are low, and the efficient concealed LEDs that lit edge illuminated back panel brings rear lighting.