Edge-lit Slim LED Lightbox

Edge-lit slim lightbox gives an additional dimension to a printed graphic; the vibrancy of the graphic comes to live with a whole new visual experience. Display Choice lightbox stands out among the rest as it has been carefully researched to provide the most comfortable visual spectacular without shadows or flares and at the same time not compensating its vibrancy in any way. With advanced LED technology, evenly distributed brightness of 2000-4000 lux is maintained throughout. The LEDs are low wattage and could last up to 30000 hours. Dye-sublimation printing using B1 Flame Retardant Fabric is another star factor. Creases and wrinkles are not seen with this fabric. The graphic on this frameless SEG lightbox could be easily replaced as and when needed. The lightbox comes in modular form for easy transportation and storage. Assembling is simple and maintenance is a breeze.