Back-lit LED Lightbox

Display Choice back-lit LED Lightbox in sleek slim profile is outstanding and in all brilliancy. LEDs are built onto the sides of the frame for even distribution of light and thus is most suitable for use with translucent graphic.

Carefully selected fabric and environmentally friendly ink used in the silicone-edged graphics (SEG) are important factors distinguishing Display Choice from the rest. Double stitched silicone keder sewn onto the edge of the print enables easy installation or replacement. The elastic fabric could be stretched to fit onto the frame crease and wrinkles free. The fabric is flame retardant in accordance with DIN B1 standard.

At Display Choice, we’ve got high quality LED backlit display stands that present your message in the best light. Our units create a high-end ambience, helping you increase brand awareness and sales at your next display event.

With fast assembly, our backlit fabric stands ensure a quick, simple, and stress free setup. Available in a plethora of custom or standard sizes with packing cases that are designed to fit into a small car, facilitating easy transportation.

Go ahead and integrate our backlit units with your current Display Choice products. Our backlit stands feature high-powered LED lights, which offer shadow-free, even illumination. In comparison to conventional lights, LED lights are six times more energy efficient, cutting energy use by over 80% and with a lifetime of over 10,000 hours.