LED Lightbox

Display light boxes have become a popular display for drawing all the required attention in a store, public place, and events. The graphic is greatly enhanced when it is illuminated. Graphics can be easily updated and change without great effort. Everything is eco-friendly from the low-energy, LED trade show display lights and graphic printed using bio-degradable ink.

Depending on requirements, different materials get used to achieving the best results in both back-lighting as well as incident light versions.

LED Light Box Panels

At Display Choice, we understand that the LED market presents a plethora of opportunities. However, they also pose greats risks for our customers. The lack of legislation combined with the speed of change in technology can make selecting the right product quite a difficult task.

Display Choice’s expertise in the lighting market and relationship with credible suppliers guarantees that we can provide our customers with quality LED lightbox panels and LED lightbox display stand at an affordable price, where and when it’s needed.

Literature Floor Stand

Our literature floor stands displays and conveniently organizes digests, pamphlets, brochures, and virtually any type of literature in a free-standing fashion. These stands are quite valuable, having the capacity to display huge amounts of literature like newspapers, books, magazines, and brochures.

What’s the wait then? Organize your magazines, periodicals, and literature with a literature floor stand today! Remember to keep your literature visible and tidy to not just save space but also present a professional image.

Lightbox Printing

Illuminate your displays with our lightbox printing, which is perfect for attracting the eyes of in-store customers, bringing a lively edge to your promotions. Our offering also includes SEG lightbox.

If you think you would benefit from our LED lightbox, contact our experienced team of specialists who are more than ready to assist you.

Edge-lit Slim LED Lightbox

Edge-Lit lightbox offers bright, even lighting in the thin profile.

Back-lit LED Lightbox

Back-Lit lightbox offers bright, even lighting in the thin profile.

Snap Frame LED Lightbox

Snap Frame lightbox offers bright, even lighting in the thin profile.