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Graphic Printing Only

We invested a lot of our resources into getting the best equipment and most skilled professional in our printing facility. We guarantee the images printed are in vivid color and design; perfect in every print we deliver.
We offer accurate printing technology with up to 600 DPI.

We use the most advanced D-GEN DI (direct injection) printer in the world: the TELEIOS GRANDE-G5. The fabric width can reach 10.5 feet using environmentally friendly ink.

We use the most advanced EIZO professional printing-only display to ensure true output.

Experienced Colour Engineers
We have experienced Color Engineers who will adjust the output to achieve the desired design effect for all our clients. Please let us know your special requirements when uploading your designs to guarantee the best result.

Work Environment
We strictly control the temperature and humidity in our print facility to ensure the best printing results.

Quality Control
We proof-read the designs and check the quality at every step of the process to make sure there is no flaw.

LED Lightbox Graphics

Moon™ Snap Frame LED Light Box

Banner Stand Graphics

Saturn™Retractable Banner Stand

Backwall Backdrop Display Graphics

Venus™ S-Curved Fabric Backwall Graphics