Brief introduction about trade show backdrop


Perhaps many years ago, the first reaction for most people is the background effect of trusses when it comes to trade show backdrop. No matter it is indoor activities or outdoor activities, people all chose truss as trade show backdrop to warm the atmosphere and create a hot situation.

Although the truss background seems to be well-proportioned, it has some drawbacks:

  1. Event backdrop are made of light cloth with a relatively large volume and a certain bad smell. You need to open it for a period of time to eliminate the smell;
  2. Truss is very cumbersome, so its storage and transportation are very inconvenient;
  3. The installation and demolition of truss requires professionals to complete. Besides, the customer can not use it without additional tools;
  4. Because of the cost, customers generally can only rent trusses, and pay for the overall cost of truss and screen transportation, installation and demolition.

Trusses continue to play an important role in outdoor activities, but the truss background is very weak as indoor activity increased and the need for re-use of the same background increased. Therefore, the portable event backdrop came into being. The popular pop up backdrop, fast-forward and fast-screen show is the leader trade show backdrop in the market. The advantages of fast-screen show are as follows:

  1. Fast and easy installation without tools.
  2. Ultra-wide, patchwork-free, screen production technology and the smooth screen.
  3. It is is not easy to fade and can be washed with the advantages of anti-UV, anti-sun, anti-rain, recyclable and affordable.
  4. Environmental protection and no chemical odor.
  5. The wrinkle-free elastic fabric screen can be folded to facilitate transportation.
  6. Rich modeling, smart, fashionable and unique personality.
  7. The picture is gentle with the cordial feeling and good performance of photon absorbing.

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  • Andy Shue