Banner printing


Banner printing is a kind of poster printing which is also known as wide-format printing or large-format printing for making banners for a wide range of customers. Large printers are used to print on various banner media. Banner printing typically takes a different paper type to print on one or both sides with a much larger size than conventional printing.

Uncoated common paper can be used for banner printing, but this is not recommended because common paper can not maintain the same amount of ink or toner, and can not provide the same durability. The most common medium for banner printing is vinyl, canvas, flag stock and coated paper with matte or gloss. These media are thicker than paper and provide additional durability.

Banners do not have official size. Their height and width can be made depending on the customer's needs.

Banners can be printed on one side or both sides, either single or double. Simplex is the most common, and many company do not offer double-sided banner printing when print banners. Duplex printing is the choice of some companies, as the banner will hang out and traffic goes from both directions. The difficulty of printing double-sided banners means that its prices are generally much higher.

The banner is made of a specific weight of material for internal or external use. Internal use includes banners hanging on windows, ceilings or walls. These tend to show marketing information or can be used for events such as parties or dances. The material used is thinner to make it easier to display. With more thicker material, external banners usually hang on commercial walls or between streets through lampposts. This thicker material is resistant to erosion and can not be teared easily.

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  • Andy Shue