About Us


Display Choice

& what makes us different


We are a team of positive, committed and reliable professionals, dedicated creative arts designers and experienced production specialists who are working hard to provide the best customer experience possible.

Our business area is layout service; advertising and advertisment service; advertising copywriting; bill-posting;advertising materials design and organization of exhibitions.


We design, produce and print the best products and display system solutions, to give more power to your ideas and bring them to life. Easy to get, easy to assemble and fast delivered to you.


We take care of all the phases of the process. Our products are custom built based on your specifications and we never lose focus until the product is delivered and you are completely satisfied.

Product Development

A passionate team; unique solutions; a perfect product

Customer Service

Over 99% customer satisfaction.

Strategic Planning

We work with you to understand your needs and thoroughly explain our solutions

Product Trial

We test our products in our warehouse before sending them to you.

Quality Control

We follow strict standards to deliver the best solution for your company.


Quality Control with 4 checkpoints

With nearly 100 inspectors, we perform structured checks at all 4 production stages: primary materials, production GB/QB, product warehousing, parcel delivery.

5-Day No Obligation Refund

You can change your purchase or change your mind for any reason within 5 days of purchase.

500 Days 1000+ Hours

To develop the perfect light box solution, we devoted more than 1000 hours over 500 days.