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Edge-lit Slim LED Lightbox

The role of lighting not only shows the quality of the artwork, more importantly, it helps visitors to understand the work.What we create is a light maintaining a high degree of non-dazzling measures and ensuring great visual comfort that does not vex or provoke but helps you see and understand.With advanced LED technology, shadows and flares are avoided, guaranteed with visual shadow-free evenness.2000-4000 lux brightness provides comfortable visual, even long-time stare.The lights are low wattage and long lasting. We work with the suppliers of top-class LED. The LED has an operating time of 30000 hours.

We provide customized quality dye-sub printing using B1 Flame Retardant Fabric.The frameless design and SEG fabric make replacement are easy and ensure no creases or wrinkles.

Profiles and LED modular split into small pieces reduce shipping costs.
Modular design make it easy to assemble, storage and carry to places, and in the unlikely event one fails, you can simply swap out the faulty light without needing to replace the whole light box.