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Back-lit LED Lightbox

Back-lit display offers bright, even lighting in our thin profile.Its low-profile offers a modern sleekness. With tiny LED bulbs built into the sides of the frame, each light box with durable frame illuminates your translucent graphics to create a stunning visual display with no hot or cold spots.

With custom-printed fabric silicone-edged graphics (SEG) , this light box is also very functional. The high-quality and extremely light-fast fabrics are printed using a direct printing process with environmentally friendly ink. They are equipped with a double stitched rubber lip, with which the prints can easily be installed onto the aluminum frames. Thanks to the elasticity of the textile, the print stretches onto the frame wrinkle-free. All textiles are flame retardant in accordance with DIN B1.

The simple replaceable technical skin enables a change of motifs at any time. So temporary marketing arrangements can be easily implemented. The prints may be stored rolled-up until their next use.